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2023 Board of Directors


Ken Castro




Buddy Carrigan

Vice President 

Sarah Riddick


Mary Andersen

Treasurer, Communications


Lilly Castro

Media Manager


Andy Pauka




Lynn Riddick

Equipment Manager

Joe Stretch



Want to join our team? Reach out to President Ken Castro at 419-9024.


About Santa Cruz Pony, Colt, Palomino Baseball 


The Santa Cruz PONY Baseball program was founded in 1957 as a community-based recreational program.

Pony League - 14U for players age 12 to 14 years old. The largest step in youth baseball a young player can make. Lead offs, pick offs, base stealing, and strategy are coupled with increased fundamental development at this level.


Colt League - 16U for players age 15 to 16 years old. Players advance their technical knowledge and competitive skills. Play starts after the high school spring season ends. 


Palomino League - 19U and 18U for players age 17 to 19 years old. High school and college level as well as prospective professional baseball players. Play begins after the high school spring season ends. 


To register for these leagues, please visit our registration page

Our games are played predominantly at Harvey West Park, Fields 4 and 6. 




PONY Baseball began with organization of the Pony League in Washington, PA in the summer of 1951. This was a transition league for 13-year-old and 14-year-old players designed to take graduates of Little League baseball from that diamond to the regulation size diamond. Growth of Pony League, primarily by word of mouth, was rapid, and by the end of the second season, 1952, the original six teams in Washington were joined by 505 others in 106 leagues around the country. A national tournament was conducted, and the first Pony League World Series was held that year.


Lew Hays, among the founders of the Pony League, was named Commissioner of the new league when it was incorporated for national organization in early 1953 and held that post until 1964 when he was named president.


In 1953, John Laslo, long time Mayor of Martins Ferry, Ohio, visited with Hays and discussed organization of a league similar to Pony League for 15-year-old and 16-year-old players. The purpose was to permit players in this age bracket to compete with players of like experience in their first years on the regulation diamond. Laslo guided the development of Colt League, and in late 1959, Pony League and Colt League were merged into a single organization.


In 1977, Palomino League was organized for players 17 and 18. 


The Name PONY Baseball Inc. is the corporate name under which Shetland League, Pinto League, Mustang League, Bronco League, Pony League, Colt League and Palomino League are operated in baseball and softball.


PONY is taken from the first letters of each word in the slogan, "Protect Our Nation's Youth."


Originally suggested by boys at the Y.M.C.A. in Washington, PA the slogan was "Protect Our Neighborhood Youth," and the change to "Nation's" youth was made after the original Washington Pony League developed into a national program.


More than 500,000 players participate in the PONY organization annually.

The League

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