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2/16/2023 Season UPDATE

To All Parents, Guardians, Families, and Fans,

I wanted to send out an update to catch you up on our plans as well as some new things added to our league this season.

Managers First, and most importantly, we are in need of managers. Currently we have 67 players in our registration system with more registering every day. We expect to have even more show up and register at tryouts too. We currently only have 5 managers confirmed and ready to go. Which means at this current count, 20 or more players will be cut and not make a team. The only players that are guaranteed a roster spot are those returning players that have NOT requested to reenter the draft. We really need at least 2 more managers to make sure all players get assigned to teams and get to play. We need volunteers, please help us by spreading the word if you yourself cannot volunteer. We want to give all these players a chance to play.

Tryouts Secondly, our tryouts, if the rain stays away long enough, are currently on track to be held this Sunday, February 19th at 10am at Harbor High School's baseball field. Please show up early to sign in and receive your draft number.

Draft We plan on having our players drafted on February 20th.

Field Prep February 25th & 26th are currently scheduled for our field prep days. We need a lot of help. Our biggest task will be building the pitcher’s mound and making sure our home run fence is in place. Other needs will be cleaning out dugouts, snack shack, score booth, and areas surrounding the field. Team participation is a must in order to get the field in working order. Please make sure your player is in attendance. Parents/Guardians and family are encouraged to volunteer. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

Practices ​Practices can start as early as February 26th but most likely will start March 1st. Practices will be held on a preselected rotation for Field 6 and Field 4 at Harvey West Park. Four (4) teams can practice per day during the week.

Live Streamed Games ​As for the new additions to this year. With the help of our equipment coordinator Lynn Riddick and an anonymous donation, we were able to obtain the needed equipment and with help from AT&T the installation of a phone/internet line meaning for the first time in Santa Cruz PONY history we will now be able to stream LIVE games! This will be in connection with the live scorekeeping. This also will now allow us to accept ALL forms of payments at our snack shack including Apple and Google pay. I want to thank all those involved in getting this set up!

Opening Ceremonies ​We will also be having another first in Santa Cruz PONY history - Opening Ceremonies! This special day will include team photographs, team introductions, and first ever individual and team competitions. The organization and rules for this event are still being ironed out but it is expected to take place on March 11th.

Games Schedules ​Games are currently expected to start March 15th. Depending on how many teams we get we could be holding anywhere from 1 to 2 games a night during the week (Mon, Wed, and Fri) and 2 to 4 games on Saturdays. Some of these Saturday games may require travel to Aptos and Salinas for away games as well as their teams traveling to us for games. Salinas PONY has been out of competition for a few years and would like our help to get some games going. Also, depending on how many teams we have, each team will play anywhere from 16 to 20 games this season (last season teams got an average of 18 games even with rainouts and other game cancelation issues). With a double elimination playoffs and a championship game (last game of the full season) being on May 31st. All-Star selection is currently scheduled for June 12th.

As for now, that is what is planned for the season. Of course if you have any questions you can reach out to me or any other of our board members for information.

Thank you and I hope you all have a great season.

Ken Castro, President

Santa Cruz PONY


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